Stefanie K Struckhoff

Life Coach for the Busy Corporate Climber

Take back control of your dreams and find a new path to create a life you love

Hi! I am Stefanie!

I am a cooperate ladder climber who found myself lost with a dream of something more on my heart. I have learned so much about myself while discovering my true path. 

There was a time where I struggled to put into words what I wanted in life. I felt overwhelmed and was always thinking about it. 

I started working on myself and I discovered that it was more than just a title or place on the ladder, it was the emotions that I was hanging on to and never dealing with.

My mission is to help women, like you, find their true path again and connect back to their body. 

I promise if you join me in this journey, I will be honest and real with you. I will make sure you know you aren't alone

I don't have a fancy program or crazy steps, just a passion to help others fall back in love with the life that is right here right now.

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